React Patro

Calendar for AD - BS typescript and conversion

Fintech products require fintech date for regulations and reporting purposes. However, such libraries are difficult to come by on UI development platforms. React Patro includes an AD and BS calendar typescript. It has calendar displays in both AD and BS formats, as well as a conversion function and a lot more. It's also available as an open-source library. We’ve used this library for the Tigg App.

Flutter Network Library

Easy implementation of REST network calls for flutter

Flutter Network Library is built-in flutter. It helps in easy implementation of REST network calls as well as saving data in local storage. It can auto fetch data and paginate infinite list with horizontal and vertical view. It provides different states like success, loading, error and prevents writing unnecessary codes for each network call. It is currently being used in Moru, Livehood, 4Kuna, Mcqhall, etc.

PM5 Emulator

Emulator for popular PM5 Rower

PM5 Rower is an indoor rower from Concept2. This project emulates a PM5 Rower via GATT server in BLE Device so that any third-party applications can use the emulator to test, debug and stuffs.

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