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Improving patient diagnostics and treatment

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Improving patient diagnostics and treatment

About the project

Health care and Data Intelligence

Checklist Dashboard with the aid of Intellix Intelligence system helps the medical profession to become more reliable, less time-consuming, and to the point. Checklist Dashboard takes benefit of external knowledge base or maintains its own knowledge base and provides decision support.

Intellex Checklist Platform reduces the risk of casualties by:

  • Guiding practitioners through evidence based practices
  • Being patient specific
  • Automates doctor’s notes
  • Prepares a checklist

Intellix allows care takers to mediate overview of all patients in the ICU and on multiple ICUs. In an instance, they can see if any of the patients in the ICUs is in risk of harm they will then show red or yellow.

What we did in the project

We built a software that powers the Intelligent Daily Goals Checklist may "auto-populate" as much data from the EHR as possible and "push" a templated documentation ("Checklist Adherence Note") back to it. This saves time for physicians and reduces stress, which is a factor that affects patient safety and quality of care.

Technology Used

Frontend - React JS

API Layer - Golang

Database - SQLite

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