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Manage your warehouse on the cloud

About the project

MBS Store is a one stop solution for warehouses to maintain their sales, purchase, order, inventory, and many more. In addition to managing your records, it simplifies the process of distributing the products by planning the easiest route for delivery, inclusive of all suppliers.

This ERP keeps record of all your suppliers, customers, and products. In addition to documenting purchase and sales order, MBS Store maintains information of your employees and executes wages calculation as well. Inventory Management, Low Stock Alert, Monthly Reporting of Sales, Purchase, Goods Sold, Expenses, etc. are some other key features to MBS Store.

What we did in the project

What makes MBS store different from other ERP is Management and Route Planning. This unique feature divides products into separate groups and plans the quickest route for devliery to all the targeted location for individual group. Sounds pretty cool right? To make things cooler, we even have an app designed specially for delivery which keeps track of all the information from dispatch till the product reaches its destination.

Technology Used

Frontend Web - React JS

Frontend Mobile - Flutter

API Layer - Python / Flask

Database - PostgreSQL

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