A digital platform connecting cooperatives all over the nation to technology.

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A digital platform connecting cooperatives all over the nation to technology.

About the project

Myra is a cloud based platform that addresses the technical needs of cooperatives at every level.

Myra is a tailored Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed specifically for Nepalese cooperatives and delivered as "Software as a Service."

The platform has independent but fully compatible and matching applications that meet every need of cooperatives such as core banking system, accounting system, member and share management, inventory management, HR management, document management, etc.

What we did in the project

Module in Myra Platofrm

1. Core Banking System
For digitization of saving and credit transactions

2. Accounting System
To manage the accounts of the cooperative

3. Member and share management
To keep the information and shares of all members and simplify the business process

4. Inventory Management
To keep accurate records of all stocks

5. Capacity & Training Management

Training required for staff growth and development and management of training materials required

6. HR Management

Maintain and manage records of all employees

7. Business process management
To manage the paperless internal process

8. Business intelligence and reporting
Digital transformation of the organization through machine learning and artificial intelligence

9. Compliance management
To automate compliance with regulatory bodies

10. Fixed assets management
To manage the accounting and valuation of all fixed assets

11. Document management
Digitization, storage and listing of the documents

12. Alternative channels
Give alternative banking services like mobile banking, internet banking and SMS banking

13. Quality assurance, supervision and monitoring for NEFSCUN  

Easy management of quality assurance, supervision and evaluation

Technology Used


Frontend - React JS
Backend - GoLang


Frontend - Flutter
Backend - GoLang

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